Licencing System


All of our plugins are protected under the Solenxia Licencing System making it were we can track were our plugins are being used . If a customer leaks a plugin, we will be notified and we will be able to disband that users licence.

What is the licencing System?

The licencing system provides the customer with a key that they enter in their config. There is a custom website application that allows you to request a key change and see further information reguarding the system. The licencing system is unique to the company, allowing every member to securely protect their key without having to worry about their copy of the plugin getting leaked.

Are you interested in using this system for your own plugins?

If you were, look no further! We are selling this licencing system for you customers, to use it with your very own plugins! View our plans below!

Our Plans

Here are the plans we offer for purchasing the licencing system! If you are interested in purchasing one of these plans, join the discord and message us! All purchased are made over discord.


Self Hosting

You will recieve the files for the licencing system. You will need to host the licencing system yourself.

$25 USD


Lifetime Hosting

We will host the licencing system for you. Buy and go! No effort needed.

$50 USD


Lifetime Hosting (Monthly Payments)

We will host the licencing system for you. Buy and go! No effort needed.

$5 USD/Month


The website application.

The web application for the licence can be found here.